AngularBeers Barcelona Meetup

Pop-up event format to socialise with AngularJS people. Neither slides, nor talks. ^_^  Express your motivations, share your ideas and play together creating awesome things in team

Express your motivations, share your ideas play together creating awesome things as a team

I would like to express my gratitude to all attendees coming to the first AngularBeer meetup in Barcelona and also to Nicolas who hosted the event @ Snooker Cocktail Bar

Everything started with one twitter’s mention from Gerard Sans, and we met with more people just to grab some drink and have a nice time talking about AngularJS. It was really exciting: people with common interests and sharing experiences with ease.

Suddenly my head was burning with new ideas, and I discovered my passion to contribute with the community helping as I would loved have done it when I started working on my first projects. Is not easy at all to share or talk in our job’s environment, people gets scared to ask for doubts, others maybe ‘cause they also don’t know about it and it’s better to not speak and appear to be a “good” professional.

So why not create an event to share? Without fears! Let’s people express! Let’s people talk! Let’s take action! People can learn if you give them an open space: “Fear makes the wolf look bigger” indeed I started creating the logo and content, twitter profile, facebook … paying the meetup and almost everything was related talking with people: I wanted to know which motivations they had and see if we could share common interests, as I was meeting more people I had more clear which path to take.

That’s why I created AngularBeers meetup: When you wait something to happen, you had lost a great opportunity: make it happen! I didn’t want to wait for something that was not created so I did it, so next people can help, contribute and join in. Angular & Beers means community. Is a non-profit event from the community for the community.

Right now I can only say, thank you to make it happen! I met so many interesting people that I thought it was impossible before, my energy grows each time someone can learn, talk, interact, share, without fears!

Sharing is the future